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saw a post on hellsite that just

someone was complaining that we are ignoring a big “green” power possibility in nuclear and someone else piped in with “what about Fukushima and Chernobyl” which i think is valid

some other fucking big brained asshole continued the post in pro nuclear ways in the most incoherent text I’ve ever encountered talking about how reactors have changed since those times and THEY HAVE

theres reactor designs now that are more efficient way more safe BUT there’s very few ways that it removes the waste question

with renewables and fossil fuels to my knowledge there’s no waste but that’s not the case with nuclear, the uranium leaves waste even if it’s at the most efficient energy extraction and there is ONE PLACE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD that has a proper waste storage facility and that’s finland

with such a long halflife I don’t trust nuclear until there is a waste treatment and storage site that’s permanent in every country that wants to use nuclear over renewable

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